7 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Winter Holidays!

Two weeks of holidays may seem like a long time to keep your kids happy and entertained, not to mention keeping you sane.


Here are 7 tips to keep all of you happy:

  1. Routine: Keep a consistent routine that is similar to the school schedule. This should include: morning routines (e.g., wake up at a similar time, eat and get dressed); meal routines (e.g., breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner); and bed time routines.
  1. Authentic Learning: Engage your children in meaningful reading, writing, and math activities. For example: write thank you cards for gifts received; reading to your child and have your child read independently; and play math games.
  2. Experiential Learning: Have fun while you teach your child at different venues. Try new places in the community, visit the public library, go the Science Centre, Aquarium or the Museum.


  1. Get Active: There are so many fun activities to do in the winter: skiing; tobogganing; skating and building a snowman.
  1. Cooking and Eating Healthy: Children love to get their hands dirty…especially in the kitchen. Why not teach your child how to make healthy snacks and meals?  This will support their mental math skills and ability to measure accurately.  Most importantly they will contribute to what they eat!
  1. Screen Time: Monitor how much time your child spends using devices or watching T.V. Devices can be used for educational purpose such as listening to a story, researching topics to build background knowledge, math games and so much more.  


  1. Set New Year Resolutions: Teaching your child to set achievable positive goals for specific area in their life (e.g., school, social and family).