Autism Spectrum Disorder In Ontario

Pathways for All supports parents, living in Ontario, whose children and/or teenagers have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or who have signs of Autism.  Autism is the common name used to describe Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is a complex neurobiological disorder that affects many body systems including brain development, leaving most individuals with communication problems, difficulty with typical social interactions and a tendency to repeat specific patterns of behaviour. There is also a markedly restricted repertoire of activity and interests. Individuals living with autism tend to have varying degrees and combinations of symptoms.

People with Autism can benefit from a variety of treatments and programs. Goals for children with Autism should include:

  • Consistent goals and strategies at home, school and treatment centre;
  • Physical, mental and emotional safety in home, school and treatment environments;
  • The development of strong communication skills (i.e., verbal or non-verbal) in order to clearly articulate their wants and feelings, hold conversations and build relationships;
  • Opportunities to foster their creativity, increase their ability to accept change, strengthen problem solving skills;
  • Develop life skills and self-regulation.

Pathways for All brings the school, the treatment program and the home environment into alignment by supporting you in advocating for your child.

We help you support the development of the School Individual Education Plan by creating consistency in social, communication and behavior goals in all three environments based on the most recent school and treatment program assessments.  Pathways for All provides this support through three services; Personalized Pathways for Success, Individual and Family Coaching, and Parenting Support.

Pathways for All provides a 15-minute consultation to determine which service(s) that will be most suitable for your child or teenager and family.

For success, we support the implementation of specialized assessments and interventions involving home, school, community and workplace settings.  Pathways for All will review, analyze, and interpret the information you provide to determine the most effective strategies to meet your child’s specific needs.  We provide consistent support based on family needs including; coaching sessions, analysis and implementation of assessments provided, plan development and implementation, home and therapy centre visits, and school advocacy.

For over 20 years we have created high impact strategies that have been applied to both the educational and home environments to help children overcome their unique challenges.  We have worked with many children and adolescents with Autism and their team of professionals.

We provide effective, short and long term, evidence-based solutions focused on the assessments that you provide from professionals such as: Psychologists; Psychiatrists; Medical Doctors; Occupational/Physio-therapists; Speech and Language Therapists; ABA/IBI therapists; and Behavior Analysts.  We collaborate with your chosen team of professionals to create a personalized plan, and provide coaching and support.  We consistently review the implementation of strategies and revise them as necessary.  Pathways for All is the bridge between your child’s success and the educational system – giving you the confidence that your child has the best opportunity to reach his or her potential.