Not Diagnosed?

Not Diagnosed?

Have you noticed behavioural or learning challenges with your child?

  • Difficulties with social/emotional skills and behaviour.
  • Difficulties seen at different developmental stages.
  • A distinct difference between what should be achieved and what is actually being achieved.
  • Learning difficulties in school including:
    • Oral language (e.g., listening, speaking, understanding);
    • Reading (e.g., decoding, phonetic knowledge, word recognition, comprehension);
    • Written language (e.g., spelling and written expression); and
    • Mathematics (e.g., computation, problem solving).
    • Learning skills and work habits (e.g., Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, Self Regulation)

You Are Not Alone

For over 20 years we have created high impact strategies that have been applied to both educational and home environments helping children overcome their unique challenges. Many parents do not truly comprehend the reports professionals provide. We help you understand the impact of your child’s diagnosis on their present and future education. Often parents are worried about their child experiencing stigma and labeling. Do not let this stand in your way. Instead, focus on implementing all the resources and supports available to close the performance gap and help your child achieve success.

We Can Help


Seeking information and strategies about how to better understand and support their child.


Struggling with the increasing challenges at school, home and in their social lives.

Young Adults:

Taking their first steps towards independence and/or heading off to college/university.

Adults of All Ages:

Wanting to understand their diagnosis and finally live the life they want.


We Help You Understand

  • The specific assessments your child needs;
  • Your child’s particular challenges;
  • The development of an individualized support system;
  • Your child’s unique learning style;
  • Effective behavior modification strategies to minimize your child’s challenges; and

Our Solutions:  A Pathway for Your Family

We provide effective, short and long term solutions, based on the assessments provided by you from professionals such as: Psychologist; Psychiatrist; Pediatrician; Occupational/Physio-Therapist; Speech and Language Therapist; and others. We collaborate with your chosen team of professionals and create a personalized plan.  Through coaching and support, we give you confidence in your child’s ability to reach his/her potential.


We Have Created Pathways for Hundreds of Families

By bridging gaps between parents, professionals, and the education system, we give families the confidence and support they need for their child to succeed. Find out how we can help your child >


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