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When times are stressful and you feel overwhelmed, Pathways for All is there to support you through the ups and downs and guide you to a brighter future.

We Support you With

  • Understand your child’s behaviour and what supports can be provided by both the family and the school;
  • Build the team of professionals needed to provide support for your child;
  • Understanding the educational process to identify your child and the type of support that could be provided;
  • Develop the social skills your child needs to improve peer and adult relations;
  • Transition your child from the elementary to secondary school setting; and
  • Adapt your parenting skills with effective techniques and strategies.

We have Created Pathways for Hundreds of Families

By bridging gaps between parents, professionals, and the education system, we give families the confidence and support they need for their child to succeed. Find out how we can help your child >


“Finally I feel a sense of relief. Pathways for All helped me create a realistic plan for my child’s growth and development….”

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